Thursday, 26 April 2012


12 April 2012

Just when I thought having an 8 week old in the house had redefined high maintenance, I've gone and added a parental houseguest with a dodgy hip. Instead of requests beginning with 'waaaaaaaah', those from parent person are of the 'can you just...', 'do me a favor and...' or 'I need to...' (read: YOU need to) persuasion. Of course I can just, but please first pass me another Corona.


I have concluded that Skype is really an evil mirror belonging to the Wicked Witch of Timeus Stealus Interruptus, programmed to fire off that uber jolly ringadingding just as high maintenance persons are requiring said maintenance. I am convinced that Skype was invented by my employer to a) get me to want to go back to work and b) make those small office interruptions pale in comparison.

That said, I have now already reached Skype overload and would rather answer the call of very-pooey-nappy than ringadingding. All. Day. Long.

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