Thursday, 26 April 2012

I am mama.

25 April 2012

Every bride gets to enjoy that 'center of the universe' feeling that goes with the special day. All eyes are on you, you're the most important person at the party. So it's a pretty substantial let down when the wedding day ends. I thought there would never be anything similar in my life again, but then I had a baby.

No one else comforts my son like I can. Sure, Daddy has his way but I am Mama and there is no other. No one has that same 'conversation', gets that same smile, that same cuddle. Every bottle I fix, every poo nappy I change, every bath I draw makes it more so. My son is only 10 weeks old and we already have such a strong bond. I cannot wait to watch him grow and can only hope my heart doesn't burst with all the love and pride that will grow with him.

There is no more important discovery I have had than this - this is total bliss.

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