Thursday, 26 April 2012


28 March 2012


Take all the spare time you thought you had before, add one baby, subtract ten gallons of dish soap and 4 of laundry detergent. Then multiply by infinite sleepless nights and an even bigger need for a big night out.

Stir. Hell, shake if you're James Bond. It won't change the flavor.

You'll still end up with bags under your eyes and a love affair with a little squidgy, squeaking, grunting bundle of wonderful.

And a whale of a sore back.


There is a reason some bottles are cheap and some cost a fiver apiece. You learn the difference during one of said sleepless nights. It suddenly ends with a content, full, sleeping bubba and much less spit up on your shoulder.

But then too, so does a successful 'big night out'.

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