Thursday, 26 April 2012

The wafting stank of poo.

13 April 2012

Family visits en masse turn sweet angelic boys into demon babies for days afterwards because - in the absence of Skype - everyone thinks it's ok and/or humane to play pass the parcel (aka hot potato) with them. To dull the shine, one can provide a strategically timed pre-feed to ensure the wafting stank of poo greets each passee. I am strangely looking forward to the teething days because at least then they'll put him down.


It is necessary to make a packing list and add 2 hours prep time for an overnight visit to London granny's house. In the future I will buy ten of everything and make supply drops in advance. Kind of like hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Unfortunately the only mountains and streams we'll get are made of nappies and wee.


I think we need a bigger car. Or a pack mule. Or a carrier pterodactyl. Or something.

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