Thursday, 26 April 2012

Of bing bong songs and Sharpies.

21 April 2012

It only takes three uses before you start humming the bing bong song that lives in the bouncy chair. This will be your new favorite tune because it puts little monster babies to sleep and lets mommies go get a glass of wine. Er I mean a cup of coffee.

Better yet, invest in an iPod dock and download some of these: At least then you can sing along and your kid will grow up rocking out instead of loving Barney and Tinky Winky and other ilk of that persuasion.


Despite having purchased said chair and many other things-to-distract-bubba-from-freaking-out, the most interesting to him are a series of black and white patterns drawn in a long ago art class and casually taped above the changing pad. This is the infant equivalent of 'to hell with the toy, I'm playing in the BOX'. Save your money and buy a Sharpie.

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