Thursday, 17 May 2012

Jabs 2: The Sequel.

Just when he thought it was safe to get back in the pram, I took Rukai for his 2nd round of inoculations yesterday.  After hog tying him so the nurse could jam a needle into each thigh, he screamed bloody murder and gave me a look that said 'how could you LET them?' My heart sank and he passed out. We get to go back in four weeks.

I'd rather shove a hot poker in my eye.

Anyway, after the ordeal ends, they tell you to watch for signs of illness caused by the jabs.  I wonder if I should tell them about my burst eardrums and overwhelming sense of guilt?

Oooooohhhhhh they mean illness in Rukai.  Right.  Well, unless eating like a horse and being particularly smiley is a problem I think we're in the clear.  That said, I'm wondering what in the hell they shot in him, liquidized Jolly Ranchers?  A family sized bar of Lindt?

Tomorrow we get another trek across town for the follow up heart scan, hoping to find that the two small holes in his heart have gone the way of the dodo.  Up side is, at least that definitely won't hurt physically.  Emotionally?  Remains to be seen but we are being cautiously optimistic and inserting a bottle of bubbly into the fridge, preparing to celebrate some good news for a change.

So I'll hold my breath til I turn blue and who knows?  Maybe it will lead to casting in the Avatar sequel.  At least then we can swap public transport for a chauffeur driven car.

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