Monday, 14 May 2012

As the time flies so do the angels.

I'm convinced that maybe the reason we don't remember things before a certain age is because infants are on a different level of consciousness, retaining remnants of what they knew before their arrival to this life.  Adults can also reach this place, but there's usually wine and a nightclub involved.

But I digress.

I've heard it said that babies can talk to angels in their sleep. That said, I am convinced Rukai has seen and conferred with more than one by now. Not only because they seem to be looking after him so remarkably well, but also the level of conversation he has come out with virtually overnight is astonishing - it's as if he's met the ghost-of-hooked-on-phonics and had a crash course.

Either that or his great grandma has come and advised him 'Baby!  Tell her that formula tastes like crap and get her to fry you up a pork chop'. I'd swear there's one ooo-aahwaahha combo that has a distinct Louisiana twang.

He also has a habit of staring off into the corner and giggling, which can also be caused by wine, but in this case of course isn't.  What does he see?  What is he thinking?  In that he is a child of the male persuasion, I rest with the knowledge that this last question won't ever be answered.

So be it.  Let them all come and hang out with him whether I can see them or not - they're helping me to raise one helluva fabulous kid.  Three months old now.

As the time flies so do the angels.


  1. I wholeheartedly believe that babies and young kids are more in tune to their environment - physical and otherwise. I've no doubt Rukai is chatting it up with his angels. Shame we lose the ability to keep in contact with them as we age!

  2. It really is. Wouldn't that be cool!