Monday, 28 May 2012

Hair today, grin tomorrow.

Despite the most gallant of efforts to moisturize and exfoliate his scalp, the remaining tufts of Rukai's original hair are on their way out by way of crusty boo boo round 2.  As onlookers continue to ask if I want to talk to someone about his dry skin and I respond for the 857th time 'been talking about it for 3-1/2 months, got Oilatum, changing laundry detergent, cheerio', bubs remains oblivious and goes back to figuring out how to cram his feet in his mouth.  The fact that he can't coordinate the leg lift yet hasn't registered, and he gets spitting mad when his efforts come up empty.

Hmm, a short fuse.  Wonder who he got THAT from?

Anyway, as his hair goes, so too does that extra layer of thickness in my own hair that grew with him, thank you hormones.  I was shocked the first time I saw the collection of felled hair in the shower drain and couldn't identify the cause until Rukai shouted at me from the moses basket that I'd been in said shower far beyond my alloted 52 seconds.  This succeeded in stirring me from 'me time' utopia and reminded me that the extra thick hair belonged only to pregnancy and I had to give it back.  Damn.  Well at least I get to keep the baby.  Or is he keeping us?  I can never be too sure.

What I AM sure of is that I will no longer have a heart but merely a puddle of gloop if he continues to grin ear to ear when he first sees me every morning.  And here I thought you could only get such affection from a Cocker Spaniel.  It is my life's deepest delight and confirms that yes, I certainly am doing ok at this.

The smile has brought with it much lively conversation, and to my great joy he has started repeating sounds back to me.  This includes the old gems 'ooo ooo' and a nice 'ahh ooo' combo.  But I guess that means it's time to put the kaibosh on 'shit' and all the other colorful lingo of which I am so fond.  Still, I still expect his first words to be either 'can you grab me a beer?', 'pass the remote' or 'quit farting around and finish this bottle'.

I will, of course, report back.


  1. Love your writing. Cracks me up and still poignant and open-hearted. You're a gem, Max!

  2. Thank you! We're having a seriously entertaining ride so far with our little bubba x