Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dinner wars.

After not being able to keep any food down yesterday, Rukai has just won the Oscar for most picky baby on the face of the earth.  Today's dinner menu:

2 oz of fresh carrot juice = yum yum go mama, more please
2 spoons of packet chicken dinner = tantrum, I don't want savory thankyouverymuch
3 spoons of carrot/swede mashed up = tantrum, I don't want solid veg thankyouverymuch
1/2 spoon of carrot/swede mashed up, disguised with fruit puree = straight back out and are you fricking KIDDING me?
The rest of the fruit puree = Ha ha mama, I win.
1/2 an organic snack hoop.  Most in his mouth this time.  Ha ha baby, I win this round.
1 teaspoon of Philadelphia cream cheese.  Straight.  A huge hit.  If you won't take your milk, I'll get your dairy in you somehow.  Score two for me.
2 sips of heavily diluted apple/blackcurrant juice.

It's all staying in. What's coming out is one helluva stubborn streak.


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