Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I believe.

Just ran into the midwife I saw about a dozen times and could not for the life of me remember her name as we were speaking.  And this is the one I liked.  We had an innocuous conversation about baby rice vs vegetables.  And I was sort of annoyed to have bumped into her.  The one I liked.

I knew that regardless of what she said I would do what I was planning and no longer needed to take her advice.  The surprisingly nameless 'somebody that I used to know'.  What a catharsis.

Methinks my mind is already washing the bad shit away and moving forward.  This realization filled me with joy for the everyday beyond what I've felt in many many months.

As I thought this, I also realized that I do not pray.  I believe.  This is a pretty significant difference that some friends will understand and some will try to challenge.  I'm glad I have both types of friends.  But I am more glad that I am of the kind who believe.

More imporantly, our squidge has successfully completed the 'grab the toes' challenge.  On the right foot.

Off on the right foot.  Perfect.

I had the Athletics on TV at the time, and this to me was of far greater excitement.

I have a new hero and his name is Rukai.

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