Monday, 18 June 2012

Baldylocks and the three pills.

The crusty boo boo scalp invasion was getting too extreme, so our little man has had his first buzz cut.  The good news is, this enables me to apply Oilatum to his head and not simply wax his hair down like the Pringles guy.  The bad news is, old bubs isn't keen on head massage so he's becoming expert at a scream we have lovingly named the 'air raid siren'.

I can't seem to clear the cradle cap living in his eyebrows so I mentioned it to the nurse when he got his jabs last week.  She recommended - of all things - a specific nappy rash cream.  If that's the case I think I'll try one we have to hand first and see how we go.  But it's seriously getting to the point I have to apply so much cream to this poor child I may as well slop it on with a trowel.  I can hear it now: 

'Gee, for a half Asian kid his skin's really pasty white.'
'That's not his complexion, that's spackle.'
'Aha.  Well, you do great work.  If you get some spare time, you can come over and patch up the walls in my living room.'

On that same visit I mentioned to the nurse my C-section scar was a bit sore yet so she hunted down a couple antibiotics prescriptions for me.  Superb.  Just add those to the vitamins and supplements going in already and I can safely estimate a quarter of my daily caloric intake is in pill form.  And thanks to the Fenugreek I am starting to smell like waffles smothered in maple syrup.  I expect a pack of dogs to follow me down the road next time I go out.  Maybe I'll give Lady Gaga a call and ask for the meat dress just in case.

As for my own hair, well it's still falling out nicely (or not so nicely if you were to ask the drain how it feels about it).  The stuff that remains goes so quickly greasy you could quite probably wring it out and fry up some chips.  I haven't had greasy hair since puberty, so the mysteries of motherhood just keep on weaving their magic.  For my next trick, I'll grow a beard and four dozen skin tags.

Oh wait, I think that already happened.

This week's top challenge is sleep regulation.  Rukai loves to have a huge nap just before what we hope would be his last bottle of the day.  Of course this means he's wide awake when it's time to go to bed.

So I've tried twice today to put him in bed when he gets dozy mid day.  So far so good half hour ago - no sirens, just two servings of a half-hearted whine that faded when he jigged I wasn't coming back for a while.  Must be practicing for his first day of school already.  I swear he plots this stuff when hanging out with his little pals.

So while my squidge rests I'll keep one eye on the baby monitor and celebrate this quiet time just enjoying the silence.  Not much of that around here these days and it's a complete slice of heaven.

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